"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city… Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." — Jeremiah 29:7


The Mission Collective is being launched to plant and inspire citycentric hubs of mission for North America. 

To accomplish this objective, we seek to establish shared-use, open-concept, collaborative facilities which allow community leaders of faith and business to commune around common interests and initiatives to create good works to better serve our cities. Beginning in Charleston, these citycentric hubs will be utilized for three distinct purposes.

1. Coworking Space

We intend to secure strategically located open-office workspaces that can be used throughout the day for business and nonprofit leaders that we discern are having a positive impact on their cities. These facilities will be flexible, multidimensional, hybrid workspaces that will serve as incubators for leaders and foster intellectual, service and network contributions for business and nonprofit endeavors. On a practical level, these business and nonprofit participants will pay membership fees, which will offset the cost of the local branch of the organization.

2. Charitable Space

During non-business hours these facilities will be generously shared as venues to serve the local organizations and ministries that are making an impact for the common good in their cities. Whether it is music events, prayer gatherings, training seminars, fundraisers, youth events, charity art shows, AA meetings—or the many other ways the space can be used—we will bring awareness, support and greater impact for faith-based nonprofits in cities.

3. Church Planting Space

On the weekends, we will use these facilities for citycentric church plants. In a time when church plants are finding it harder and more expensive than ever to secure locations for corporate worship services, the Mission Collective model will creatively and generously provide space for these services to help plant and cultivate new gospel communities in strategic locations.

Given the unique challenges of church planting, the Mission Collective will be advised and assisted by Redeemer City-to-City, a leading and proven church planting movement in North America, as well as an ever-expanding network of gospel partners. Furthermore, the Mission Collective is grateful for the ongoing friendship and influence of Holy Trinity Brompton.



Our hope is to intentionally cultivate gospel ecosystems for our cities, thus playing our part in the dynamic re-evangelization of North America. 



Our launch aim is to pioneer a flagship model in the City of Charleston, South Carolina, that can be shared, exported and multiplied throughout North America. Charleston is a growing and thriving city, providing a cultural melting pot of people from all over the country. Consistently ranked as one of the top cities in the world by leading publications, we believe Charleston is the perfect setting to pioneer and refine the Mission Collective model.

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We are motivated by the Christian faith as presented in the Bible and summarized in the historic creeds. We believe our faith entails serving our God, our neighbors and our cities as agents of gospel innovation, collaboration and sacrifice.  


"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." 

— Ephesians 2:10

"It is one thing to have a ministry that is gospel believing and even gospel proclaiming but quite another to have one that is gospel centered."

 — Tim Keller

"To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing." 

— Andy Stanley